Our Parent and Child  Transition classes are designed for swimmers who are age two plus, where the emphasis will be to teach the children directly but with parent support in the water.  Learning should always be fun and through play!

The aim of this class  is to help to get the children prepared and ready to move onto independent group lessons when they are ready.   Parents will  try to have less and less involvement during the lessons as the courses move forward, with eventually (when ready for both Swimmers and Parents!)  for  them not being needed in the water at all  Parents Information and Basic Pool H&S Rules and our Booking Information Page for all details.

Following the Swim England Duckling Awards, the classes will have the same format as our independent classes for familiarity.   Duckling 1-4 Awards Link

We have a maximum of only five “pairs” in this class to keep it consistent with our 1 – 5 class ratio, as well as our aim to ensure that we deliver first class lessons in a safe, calm and relaxed learning environment.

Many children go through a phase where they may be clingy or nervous prior to independent activities.   Some children who were really confident as babies & toddlers go through phases of fear as they develop and this is very normal.  Close contact and lots of reassurance during class is all that is needed to help overcome any fears.

Lee Chapel Pool, The Knares, Basildon, SS16 5RU

You are able to join at any time during a course if space is available and pay only for the remaining classes from that point.  Classes are just £8.50 a lesson and are booked in full course block.

April 2019  –  July 2019 Course

23rd April 2019 – 21st July 2019

One – Five Group Class Fees:

  • Saturday Afternoon:     12 lessons at £106.00

Closed:  6th May, 27th May – 2nd June 

Priority booking for current swimmers for the next course starting September 2019 will end on Monday 1st July fees and dates to be advised.

September – December  2019 Course

3rd September – 15th December 2019

One – Five Group Class Fees (including £4.00 award cost):

  • Saturday:       14 lessons at £125.10 including award.

Closed:  28th October – 3rd November (Half Term)

Priority booking for current swimmers for the next course starting January will end on Friday 25th October.  Dates & fees to be advised.

Account Details:

Sort Code:  30-10-75   Account:  18038560

Please read our  terms and conditions of booking before making payment to us T&C’s of Booking

All costs include £4.00  for official Swim England badge and certificate at end of term.

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