Exciting News “ My Learn to Swim App”. The FREE My Learn to Swim app allows children and parents to get more out of children learning to swim. Children gain extra rewards and unlock new features as they develop their swimming skills and water confidence.

They can then take photos with Harry the hermit crab and play with Sophia the seahorse in the Photo booth having unlocked these characters.

My Learn to Swim app key features:

Understand what children learn during their swimming lessons as they progress through the Swim England’s Learn to Swim Programme. With video examples for stages 1-7. Ducklings coming soon.

Unlock over 60 rewards as children collect more Swim England Awards and certificates.

Take photos with unlocked characters and accessories to share with friends and family.

Collect and store your child’s swimming achievements in the My Awards section.

Discover more about the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, provided by the recognised National Governing Body.

Create multiple child accounts for your parent profile.

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At Aqua Aims we start to teach swimmers the correct flat, above the water body position and breathing techniques right from the very first lesson.    Floating and swimming above the water with the correct body position and breathing techniques is the most important part of learning to swim properly.   Once the correct techniques are mastered then longer distance is added.

We use arm discs to help swimmers achieve the correct  swimming techniques,  we do not want our learners “traveling under the water not breathing or with their head up doing “doggy paddle”  –  discs & floats help swimmers to master the correct  techniques.

Children from Age 3 plus work towards the Swim England:

Discovery Duckling Awards and then the Full Learn to Swim Stages 1 -7,  whilst be kept motivated by having  “in between Stage awards” which include .   “I Can”,   Distance,  Stroke Specific  and  Well Done Awards.

Swim England Stages 

Duckling 1-4 Awards Link

The main elements to achieve each Swim England Stage 1 – 7 are shown below (full list of required outcomes shown on link below):

Stage 1  Floating is the most important part of learning to swim. Becoming comfortable with water on the face and on back of head.    Face in blowing bubbles.   To aim to be able to move  in the water independently for at least 10m with aids whilst putting face in to blow bubbles.   To perform push and glides on front and back.

Stage 2  Travel for 5m using a recognised leg action on front and back without arm discs.   Push and glide on front and back with arms extended, face in & blow bubbles to a minimum of three times rhythmically with nose and mouth submerged whilst swimming,  jump in from poolside to 1m.   Competent in floating on back and front without aids.  Still being supported with the use of some arms discs if needed to help aid body position and breathing techniques during this Stage.

Stage 3  Swim 10m with no arm aids with face in and breathing to side consistently.  Fully submerge to pick up an object, push and glide front and back with arms extended and log roll onto back.   Exit the water without using steps/ladder.

Stage 4  Swim Front Crawl and Back Stroke including correct breathing techniques, Kick 10m Breaststroke and 10m Butterfly, sculling action for 10m, competent in all floating techniques.

Stage 5  Swim all four Strokes to Swim England Expected standards. Sculling and treading water.

Stage 6  Swim all four Strokes to Swim England Expected standards including at least three rhythmical breaths, 10m wearing clothes, 25m to Swim England Standards.

Stage 7  Swim all four Strokes to Swim England standards for 25m, swim at least 100m minimum using three different Strokes.

Full Swim England Award Outcomes Explained:  Swim England’s Website

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