Floating, breath control and kicking are the fundamental first steps when learning to swim.   Once these techniques are mastered we can then add, unaided full strokes, breathing techniques and distance swims.

For our beginner swimmers an adult is required in the water to support their own child until they can float and kick unaided, this helps children progress much faster by giving them 100 percent practice time by having their own “one to one” support during every 30 minute lesson.  Children must spend the majority of their lesson practising without wearing arm discs to help them master their own buoyancy.

We also use arm discs/floats/noodles to help swimmers achieve the correct body position, assist with buoyancy and breathing techniques.

We do not want our learners struggling across the pool whilst doing a head up “doggy paddle” with or without wearing arm discs or leaning and replying on a noodle for the whole swim lesson.

Children  work towards the following:

Swim England Aqua Aims Stages 

Duckling 1  Safe entry into the water with adult support.  Floating on back with adult support behind the head without flotation equipment.  Becoming comfortable with water on the face and on back of head.   Kick 5m on back with adult support.  Be confident moving around in the water without adult support.  Exit water safely with minimal adult support.

Duckling 2   All of above plus. Rotate 180 degrees using flotation equipment without adult support. Submerge the face with confidence.  Travel  three meters using arms or legs without adult support.  Move around rail or wall without adult support.  Enter the pool, rotate and return to the side with minimal adult support. 

Duckling 3  All of above plus.  Jump into the water with or without adult support.  Float on the front of back without adult support or flotation equipment. Push off on the front or back from a supporting adult in a pencil float position.  Blow bubbles with face in the water.  Travel 5m on front to side of pool without adult support.  Kick 5m on front holding a float. 

Duckling 4  All of the above plus.  Jump into the water unaided, turn around and hold onto the side.  Perform a mushroom or star float without adult support or flotation equipment.  Rotate 360 degrees. Push and Glide with a streamlined position on front or back.  Submerge completely.  Travel 10m on front or back without adult support.  

Stage 1  All of the above plus.  To perform push and glides on front and back unaided pushing off from the pool wall, arms by side, holding for at least five seconds. Move from a flat floating position on front and back and return to standing.   Move from a flat floating position on front and back, without putting feet down onto pool floor, lean forward, face in and kick back to the side. Give examples of two pool rules. Enter and Exit water without adult support.

Stage 2  All of the above plus.   Push and glide on front and back with arms extended.  Face in & blow bubbles continuously for a minimum of three seconds with face submerged whilst swimming.   Jump in from poolside to 1m.   Competent in floating on back and front without aids.  Kick on back and front without floatation equipment for at least 5m.  Be competent in floating and holding the floating positions for at least ten seconds.

This includes Star, pencil and mushroom floats.  Perform a log roll on front and back.

Stage 3  All of the above plus.  Swim 10m front crawl breathing to the side and 10m back stroke with arm out of the water.   Fully submerge to pick up an object.  Push and glide on front and back and swim 10m.   Answer three of the four water safety questions.

Stage 4  All of the above plus.   Kick 10m Breaststroke and 10m Butterfly.   Perform sculling action for 5m.  Perform a sequence of  floating shapes.

Stage 5  All of the above plus.  Swim all four Strokes to Swim England Expected standards for at least 15m.  Be competent in Sculling techniques.  Tread water for 30 seconds.  Perform a handstand and a forward summersault.  Demonstrate an action for getting help.

Stage 6  All of the above plus.  Swim all four Strokes to Swim England Expected standards including at least six rhythmical breaths.  Swim 10m wearing clothes. Swim 25m to Swim England Standards choice of stroke.  Give two examples of how to prepare for exercise.  Perform a shout and signal rescue.  Perform a surface dive.

Stage 7  All of the above plus. Swim all four Strokes to Swim England standards for at least 25m.  Swim at least 50m using one stroke to expected standards.  Swim at least 100m minimum using three different Strokes. Perform a movement sequence including various swimming skills, ie rotation, floating, sculling etc. Complete an obstacle course.

Aqua Challenge Advanced Classes and Life Saving.

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