Dear Parents & Swimmers : 9th July 2020 – UPDATED information

Our classes stopped on Friday 20th March at 6.00pm in line with Government guidelines to close all Leisure & Swimming Pools in the U.K. 

As Leisure & swimming pools are now allowed to re open on 25th July. We have made a decision to return and restart our classes in September, in line with the new School year. We cannot wait 🙂

Fees & Classes: January – April Swim Course: 

Lee Chapel Pool: Two lessons missed for Monday – Friday swimmers & three lessons missed for Saturday & Sunday swimmers.   

Quilters Pool: One lesson missed. 

Earls Hall Pool: Two lessons missed on for Monday swimmers and Three lessons missed for Friday. 

James Hornsby Pool: Two lessons missed for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday swimmers. 

These missed lessons will be reimbursed in the form of catch up swims or family swims over a long period of time once we re open.  Details to be published. 

April – July 2020 Monday 20th April – Sunday 19th July  – CANCELLED 

Monday – Thursday: 12 Weeks Course

Friday:  11 week course

Saturday & Sunday:  12 week course

For all swimmers who paid fees to join the April – July course, these fees will be transferred and moved forward to be used for the September – December course, which is a 14 week course (see below). All days and times remain the same (unless we have contacted you directly, which has all been completed), so if you have not had a call from us, your day and time remains the same.

September – December 2020 

Wednesday 2nd September – Tuesday 15th December  

14 lessons at £118.10 including award

Closed: 26th October  – 1st November (Half Term)

For swimmers who missed the last two classes of the January – April Course, there will be no additional monies to be paid and no catch up swims will need to be provided, as this is a 14 week course and the January – April course was only 12 weeks. All days and times remain the same (unless we have called and spoken to you directly, which has now all been completed). If we haven’t contacted you then your day and time has not changed and remains the same.

For any swimmers who have not already paid to return to the September – December Course, then the reimbursed swims will still apply or of course swim places can now be booked to re join us in September.

Swim England will be issuing detailed “return to swimming guidance” in line with Public Health and Government rules, which we will follow in full on our return to classes. New updated H&S pool rules will be issued.

Certificates:All certificates will now be distributed on the first class back of the next course, If you are not returning to classes for the next course, then please call to organise a time to collect when we re open.  We are unable to post them out to everyone. If you would like to know what your children have achieved so that you can tell them, please do give us a call and we can let you know.   Brad & Carol