Swimmers are assessed during their  lessons and in full against Swim England outcomes towards the end of each course and will receive either their Swim England Duckling or Stage Award  (1 – 7) or if  “in between”  stages,  will receive a Distance, Stroke,  ‘ I Can’  or Well Done award to help  keep them motivated.

Please note:   The actual certificates are signed but not individually named or dated,  this allows parents to choose the names that they wish to write on the certificate ie:  Charlotte may prefer Lottie, Isabella may prefer Izzy and also the date chosen ie:  last swim date of course or the full course date range.

Certificates are distributed at the last class of each course.   If you miss the last class of a course, the Certificates will be brought in on the first week of the next Course for collection, we cannot post them to you.

Our Teachers are unable to  speak to parents at poolside as they are busy ensuring the safety of our Swimmers.   We are happy to give you feedback on progress, information, tips on how you can help and to answer questions at any time during the course.   Please  call or email and we will respond during our day time office hours  (10.00 am – 2.00 pm Monday – Friday) as we are at the pool at all other times.

Teaching your children to swim is a partnership between “You and Us” and we look forward to working with you during their swimming  journey.   Ask  for information whenever needed and please give us your feedback. 

Please be realistic with regards to your expectations,  a typical  full 36 week School year (three Swim Courses a year)  is only 18 hours of swimming practice! Please never compare your swimmers ability or progress to other swimmers,  all children are individuals with very different needs and will learn at their own pace.

Certificates and Badges are awarded to keep our Swimmers motivated at the end of each full Course.  If your Swimmer does not achieve their next Stage during a Course, it does not mean that they have not progressed, it just means that they have not completed all of the outcomes to Swim England Standards.    Every Stage award is assessed on overall swim ability for that Stage and on the main outcomes required to achieve it, which are highlighted below (full outcome list on links  below):

The Pre awards used for swimmers who have not yet reached all outcomes to achieve Stage 1  are the Swim England Duckling Awards 1 – 4, these can be used for both pre School and School age Swimmers with or without parent support.

Class Grouping 

Class groups are not guaranteed to stay the same from Course to Course or with the same Teacher.  If you know that your child finds change difficult,  please call us before course start to check for any changes, so that you can prepare your swimmer in advance.   During Courses if  there is Teacher absence / Cover required  we are unable to advise in advance.

We complete class grouping at the end of the course during the closure period.  Groups are based on stage achieved, ability & age.  The first couple of weeks back of a new course  (and during courses if we feel it is necessary) we may move &  re shuffle  classes to get the best  class mix possible.  We will call you to discuss if we feel a permanent class change is required.   The lane or part of the pool your child swims in has no bearing on their group ability.

Duckling 1-4 Awards Link

The main elements to achieve each stage are shown below (full list required shown on link below):

Stage 1 – Confident in the water, comfortable with water in face, push and glide on front and back. Move in the water independently for at least 10m with aids.

Stage 2 – Travel for 5m using a recognised leg action on front and back without aid,  push and glide on front and back, face in & blow bubbles to a minimum of three times rhythmically with nose and mouth submerged whilst swimming,  jump in from poolside to 1m.

Stage 3 – Swim 10m with no arm aids with face in and breathing to side consistently.  Fully submerge to pick up an object, push and glide front and back with arms extended and log roll onto back. Exit the water without using steps/ladder.

Stage 4 – Swim Front Crawl and Back Stroke including correct breathing techniques, Kick 10m Breaststroke and 10m Butterfly, sculling action for 10m, competent in floating ability.

Stage 5 – Swim all four Strokes to Swim England Expected standards. Sculling and treading water.

Stage 6 – Swim all four Strokes to Swim England Expected standards including at least three rhythmical breaths, 10m wearing clothes, 25m to Swim England Standards.

Stage 7 – Swim all four Strokes to Swim England standards for 25m, swim at least 100m minimum using three different Strokes.

Full Swim England Award Outcomes Explained:  Swim England’s Website

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