Priority re booking explained:   we give priority of places to  our current swimmers for every course, this means they are able to continue to progress with us and achieve all seven of the Aqua Aims Learn to Swim Stages and for parents to request to keep their current swim day and time, where possible*.    Priority re booking dates for each new course are shown on your Swim Location tab shown below:

Lee Chapel  Earls Hall  Quilters

*Please note:  in very rare cases, even if you have sent your fees during the Priority Re- booking period to request to keep  your current swim day & time this may not be possible.   Your swimmer (s) may need to be moved to be re-grouped with others of their swim ability / stage,  if  this occurs, you will be advised and offered an alternative day/time/location & cost (if a different local location) & if any of the alternatives offered do  not suit your requirements,  you will be given a full refund at this time.

If you pay your fees during priority re booking to secure a place but need a different day & time for the next course, please call us to discuss options available & if any of the alternatives offered do  not suit your requirements,  you will be given a full refund at this time.

Please note:  our normal T&C’s apply once confirmation of new day and time have been agreed and booked for you.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay for your swim place during the priority booking period which is shown under your swim location tab.  If you pay later than this date you must call us to check times and days available before you send your fees, as your current swim day & time may have been reallocated to another swimmer.

All priority re booking details are on the website link that is sent to you at time of booking & again at time of confirming receipt of fees.  Please read the information & write the date in your diary / add to your phone to avoid missing the deadline.   We place reminders on our FB page (if you use it), on the Notice Board in Reception  at our main Lee Chapel Pool location.

Once priority booking period has closed, we re-group any swimmers first where needed & discuss with parents,  allow current swimmers who have sent fees to move day & time and add siblings.   We then open any remaining places so that all swimmers current & new can call to book.

Our Admin Office Hours are Monday – Friday 10.00am – 2.00pm we are teaching at all other times 🙂

Call to Book: 07930 139 634