Teaching your children to swim is a partnership between “You and Us” and we look forward to working with you during their swimming  journey.    Please speak to us and ask  for information whenever needed and give us  feedback. 

Feedback:  Our Teachers are unable to  speak to parents at poolside as they are busy ensuring the safety of our Swimmers.   We are happy to give you feedback on progress, information, tips on how you can help and to answer questions at any time during the course.   Please call Carol or Brad or email and we will respond during our day time office hours  (10.00am – 2.00pm Monday – Friday) as we are at the pool teaching at all other times.

Assessments:  Swimmers are assessed during their lessons and in full against Aqua Aims stage outcomes towards the end of each course and will receive either their Stage Awards or if “in between” stages,  will receive a Distance or You are Really Improving award to help keep swimmers motivated.

If your Swimmer does not achieve their next Stage during a Course, it does not mean that their overall swim ability has not progressed, it just means that they have not yet mastered or completed all of the  stage outcomes.   Every Stage award is assessed on overall swim ability for that Stage and on the main outcomes required to achieve it.

Certificates are signed but not individually named or dated,  this allows parents/children to choose the names & dates they prefer and are distributed at the last class of each course.  If you miss the last class of a course, the Certificates will be brought in on the first week of the next Course for collection, we cannot post them to you.

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