Small Classes.   Faster Progress.   More Swimming.

Aqua Aims provide well planned lessons in accordance with Swim England Learn to Swim standards.   Having such small classes means we can give every swimmer  the individual attention they deserve, which enables them to gain water confidence and progress much faster at their own pace.

All lessons are broken down into three parts and will include:  Warm Up, Main Session, Contrasting Activity.

For our Beginner swimmers an adult is required in the water to support their own child until they can float and kick unaided.

Class Groups :  Class groups are not guaranteed to stay the same from Course to Course or with the same Teacher.  If you know that your child finds change difficult,  please call us before course start to check for any changes, so that you can prepare your swimmer in advance. 

Groups are based on stage achieved, overall swim ability & age.  The first few weeks back of any new course and during courses if needed, we may move &  re group swimmers to achieve the very best class mix possible.  We will call you to discuss if we feel a permanent change is required.  The lane or part of the pool your child swims in has no bearing on their group ability and may change during the course.

We have a mix of ages & stages in groups.   Classes are grouped by overall swim ability and age and have a mix of both boys and girls in each group, in differing numbers all working towards improving their overall independent swim ability, confidence and water safety.

All Courses are paid in full at time of booking.

Call to Book: 07930 139 634