For Health and Safety reasons and to keep our pool water clean and safe, all swimmers who are not completely potty trained / able will have to wear a double nappy system, which is a neoprene top nappy over the top of their normal “Swim Nappy”.

Please use a proper “Swim Nappy” or “Swim Liner“ underneath (not a normal nappy – that will just fill with water and weigh your swimmer down!) and then the neoprene nappy over the top.

The neoprene nappy must form a good seal around their tummy and thighs to ensure that there are no messy leaks!  Please note:   any swimmers not wearing the double nappy system will not be able to join their class.

There are a number on the market and we do not recommend any particular brand, but the most popular rated by our Mums is one called HAPPY NAPPY by     

Your under  swim nappy or swim liner  must be taken away with you for disposal and never left on the premises.

Thank you to everyone for helping us to keep our pools healthy and clean.