IMPORTANT:   Please read all of  the information shown on our website before sending fees to us, which includes our T&C’S of Booking  &  Aqua Aims Lee Chapel Pool Safety Rules which must be followed by everyone attending our classes.

Pool H&S Rules – Lee Chapel Pool

Any Government Social Distancing and Public Health England guidelines must be followed at all times by everyone entering our facilities.


We ask that anyone feeling ill or showing signs or any symptoms of Covid 19 or any other illness should not attend the facility and follow NHS guidance.

Car Parking:

We run from shared use facilities, sometimes parking can be limited depending on what is happening at the School.  Always leave in good time to arrive to park. Parents must not park in the Lee Chapel School car park before 8.45am Saturday, 9.45am Sunday and 3.15pm weekdays.

On Arrival & Changing Room Specifics:

No one must enter the building more than ten minutes before the start of class please.  We are a Primary School location with limited space.

Only one adult to accompany each swimmer inside the premises to reduce the number of people in the building.

Please leave prams in reception, walk straight down the corridor to the changing rooms on the right hand side.

No Food is to be brought onto the premises at any time. We have lots of children with severe food intolerances.

We have two sets of changing rooms at Lee Chapel Pool, each having fifteen large private cubicles in each.   The mixed (communal) changing rooms are for us numbered 1 & 2.   (They are not girls or boys during our Swim School use, those labels are used by the Primary School during their school day).

Please evenly space out between the two sets of changing rooms, rather than everyone going into one!

Swimmers will be asked to arrive no more than ten minutes before the start of classes.  Once changed please place all belongings in a large swim bag and place in the storage areas provided.

Please do not leave belongings in the changing cubicles as other swimmers will need to use  whilst you are swimming.  Pool staff will move your belongings to the storage area if they have been left.  

Swimmers & parents will be asked to wait quietly in the changing rooms  until our staff call swimmers through to  class.  Please do not come out once changed into the corridor.

Swimmers with long hair MUST have swim hats on ready. No bags, shoes, flip flops or towels will be allowed poolside because they are a trip hazard.

Parents not supporting their swimmers in the water are asked to go outside to view the classes through the walkway windows where possible, seating is very limited and only for one accompanying adult in the building.

At the end of classes, children will be returned back to parent who will be waiting in the changing rooms.

Showers and hairdryers will not be permitted for use, parents are asked to dry and change their children quickly and take them home to bath or shower.

Parents and swimmers must try to leave the premises within ten minutes after class.

No Running Parents please do not let your children run around anywhere in the building, the changing rooms and toilet areas will be wet and can be slippery. You are responsible for your children and you must stay with them at all times, before and after class to ensure their safety.

No photography or Filming at any time.

Swim Nappies and Baby Changing

Without exception, all babies/toddlers who are not completely toilet trained, regardless of age, must wear the double swim nappy system.

This is a proper swim nappy or liner along with the neoprene nappy over the top. No swimmers will be permitted to swim without this.  Our Teachers will return swimmers to parents if they see that the correct nappy is not being used and no refund will be issued for the missed lesson. We must protect the cleanliness of our pool. All used nappies must be taken away with you.

Always change your baby on the floor using a suitable changing mat or towel, which you must bring with you each week. Do not use the benches in the changing cubicles. This is to prevent babies from rolling onto the floor from high surfaces, which can easily happen. Bring a suitable carry chair for baby to sit in safely and place on this on the floor whilst you are changing.

Parents are advised to wear a baggy T-Shirt in the water for all parent support classes.

Swimming hats must be worn by all swimmers. Exceptions will be made for children with Special Needs.  If hats are not worn hair must be securely tied up and back from face.  No clips or hair bows please!

Please do not bring or use talcum powder.

Parents must accompany their children to the toilet at all times and ensure it is left flushed and clean for the next user and for safeguarding reasons.


All communication must be done over the telephone, by email or text. We are unable to speak to parents at the facility unless it is an emergency.


Group Learn to Swim fees are detailed on the Learn to Swim Locations tabs: 

Lee Chapel   Earls Hall  Quilters

All other Classes for Children & Adults are shown.

Our prices are reviewed at the end of July each year, where we set our prices for the following  courses, to  run in line with School term times, September – December, January – April and April – July.

We add £5.00 to the cost of each course for the official Swim England Certificate and Badge.

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